Spray drying is a method we use to dry liquid adhesives (urea formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde) to the form of powder. More information

Our Powder Adhesives

are packaged and contain all the necessary ingredients of the adhesive bath, like powder resin and filler. More information

E1-Group Adhesives C3 Class

Our packaged powder adhesives Unokoll STANDARD, Unokoll POWER and Unokoll OPTIMUS are E1 group adhesives, C3 class. More information

The Company

The basic idea of our company lies in 20 years experience in production process of the following:
  • production of liquid resins
  • their spray drying to the form of powder  
  • production of packaged unary powder resin adhesives for wood industry
und ihrer fachspezifischen Vermarktung.

and selling them on trade market. This technological process is accompanied by constant communication and exchange of information between our customers, sales specialists and production supervisors. This ensures production of high quality products, meeting expectations of our customers. Our equipment operators, production supervisors, technologists and sales specialists keep trying, through the process of continuous improvement and development, to optimize our offer. Each our process is accompanied by severe quality control, production process parameters control and continuous knowledge improvement by our employees.